Safe & Welcoming

Our Objective: To make people feel safe and welcome throughout the Jewellery Quarter.

BID Intro Meetings & Visits

Meeting new businesses to the Jewellery Quarter to introduce BID projects and opportunities. Being an attractive place for business and leisure, just outside the city ...
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Improving safety and attractiveness of Caroline Street

A project to improve the road infrastructure and and life on Caroline Street. In 2016, the JQBID in conjunction with Birmingham City Council, paid for ...
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Local Partnership Delivery Group

Sharing intelligence to increase safety and security within the Jewellery Quarter. The JQBID are members of the Local Partnership Delivery Group (LPDG) which include representatives ...
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JQBID and Birmingham Changing Futures Together

Supporting homeless & vulnerable individuals

The JQBID team collaborate with partners to support vulnerable individuals. By working closely together with partners at Shelter, Birmingham Changing Futures Together, SIFA Fireside, and ...
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Adopt A Station

In 2019, the JQBID formally adopted the Jewellery Quarter Station to enhance this vital entry point to the Jewellery Quarter. Adopting the Jewellery Quarter station ...
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Personal Safety Workshops

Running safety workshops for local businesses. Since 2015, the JQBID has facilitated free to access Personal Safety Workshops for local businesses. These engaging and hands-on ...
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Golden Square picnic benches JQBID

Outdoor seating for hospitality

During 2020 and 2021, the JQBID helped secure additional outdoor space for nine Jewellery Quarter venues and repurposed the Golden Square to allow for more ...
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