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JQ Life is the official magazine of the Jewellery Quarter.

In our latest issue - meet Karlus G. Tailor, one of the faces of the Jewellery Quarter, as he introduces his fascinating business. Explore the development schemes that will be welcoming thousands of new residents and hear how businesses have changed their spaces to accommodate for the new COVID-19 way of life.

JQ Life – Issue 12

Welcome back to the Jewellery Quarter – As lockdown lifts, we look ahead to all the exciting happenings in the JQ.

View JQ Life – Issue 12

JQ Life – Issue 11

Shop local this Christmas – Supporting our Jewellery Quarter Indies.

View JQ Life – Issue 11

JQ Life – Issue 10

Dressing up the JQ.  Karlus G. Tailor’s journey to the Jewellery Quarter. Changing Spaces – we meet the businesses adapting to the “new normal”. And, the latest on the Quarter’s exciting developments. 

View JQ Life – Issue 10
JQ Life issue 9

JQ Life – Issue 9

The magazine exists to showcase the JQ as a place to live, learn, work, visit and invest in, while celebrating the area’s vibrant and diverse community.

View JQ Life – Issue 9
JQ Life issue 8

JQ Life – Issue 8

In this issue, we meet Andy Street, Mayor of the West Midlands. We also unveil details about JQ Festival 2020, share some of the most exciting experiences you can enjoy in the JQ, plus much more.

View JQ Life – Issue 8

JQ Life – Issue 7

In this issue, we meet Hazel & Haydn’s Dale Hollinshead, reveal the JQ’s latest restoration works to the Chamberlain Clock and Warstone Lane and Key Hill cemeteries, and share our guide to gifting in the JQ.

View JQ Life – Issue 7

JQ Life – Issue 6

In this issue, Alex Nicholson-Evans takes us on a tour of her JQ, Steve Lovell tells us all about being ‘made in the JQ’, and we get an exclusive glimpse at J.W. Evans Silver Factory.

View JQ Life – Issue 6

JQ Life – Issue 5

In this issue, we celebrate 20 years of the Jam House, look at three of our indie businesses and welcome the JQ’s first darts bar, the 180 club!

View JQ Life – Issue 5

JQ Life – Issue 4

In this issue, we find out how Blackswan are evolving Great Hampton Street, discover Victoria Ball’s and Raj Sanghera’s JQ, and look ahead to the JQ Festival 2019.

View JQ Life – Issue 4

JQ Life – Issue 3

In this issue, we meet WMCA’s Chief Executive Deborah Cadman, shine a light on Genius of the Lamp, and check out the JQ’s new design destination.

View JQ Life – Issue 3

JQ Life – Issue 2

In this issue, Javelin Block’s Stuart Holt shows us his JQ, Struthers Watchmakers reveal what makes a watch tick, and Marie Haddleton kicks off her 90-year JQ journey.

View JQ Life – Issue 2

JQ Life – Issue 1

In this issue, we look ahead to the JQ festival 2018, meet Birmingham Assay Office’s Marion Wilson, and unveil Aktar Islam’s first solo venture, Opheem.

View JQ Life – Issue 1

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