Jewellery Quarter BID

A Business Improvement District (BID) is a geographically defined area within which the local business community pool their resources to invest in projects and services that improve the business environment and the experiences of visitors, workers and other users.

What is the JQBID?

The Jewellery Quarter Business Improvement District (JQBID) was established in 2012 and is overseen by the JQDT Board of Directors. The JQBID was introduced by the JQDT as part of its long term plan to improve the business environment of the Quarter making it an attractive location for people to visit and businesses to invest.

JQBID 2019 team

The JQBID is funded by a local levy which is compulsory to pay by all businesses that are located within the BID area. The JQBID levy is set at 2%.

Now in its second term of operation, the JQBID is delivering on a proposal which more than 89% of businesses agreed to in 2017. The proposal is broken down into 6 work streams that the JQBID deliver projects from.

The JQBID's 6 project areas

Outlined in the BID Proposal, the team focuses on 6 key areas.

  1. Attractive, Clean and Vibrant
  2. Safe and Welcoming
  3. Sustainable and Green
  4. Marketing and Promotion
  5. Investment, Growth and Networking
  6. JQ Heritage and Legacy

These 6 project areas are the basis for all initiatives, services and events that the BID team provides throughout the term.

JQBID and Birmingham Changing Futures Together_1

Who is a BID Levy-Payer?

BID levy payer

The BID’s activities are principally funded via a BID levy charge set at 2% of rateable value (RV) as at 6th April 2017. This charge is payable by all non-domestic properties within the BID area (please see boundary map below) and is collected by Birmingham City Council. The funds are then passed to the Jewellery Quarter Development Trust (JQDT), an independent Community Interest Company (CIC) that operates the JQBID.

If you are a BID Levy Payer, find out about the benefits and opportunities available to you and your business by downloading the BID Renewal Proposal document or by visiting the BID Levy Payer web page.

Achievements from Term 1

JQBID - achievements

The JQBID Team

Luke Crane - JQBID

Luke Crane

JQDT Executive Director

Steve Lovell - JQBID

Steve Lovell

Communications and Marketing Manager


Matthew Crawley-Alexander

Liaison Manager and BID Ambassador

Dennis - 2

Dennis Cluley

Clean Team Supervisor


Our Statutory Explanatory Notes [SEN] published in April 2020 contain a FAQ. Also below you will find the BID boundary and our BID Renewal Proposal.

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