Birmingham’s famous Jewellery Quarter is completely unique – there is no other historic townscape like it in the world.


This area of unique character has been described by English Heritage as a ‘national treasure’ and as having a ‘particular combination of structures associated with jewellery and metalworking which does not seem to exist anywhere else in the world’.

The Quarter contains one of Europe’s largest concentration of manufacturing jewellers. Combining the very best of traditional craftsmanship with innovative designs and high-quality materials, they create beautifully crafted custom jewellery.

Also nestled in amongst these businesses is also the Quarter’s non-jewellery independents ranging from drinks merchants, florists, chocolatiers and home furnishings.  Searching for a business? Use the JQ Directory. 


At the heart of this community is the Jewellery Quarter Development Trust (JQDT). Established in 2011, the JQDT is a Community Interest Company constituted and operated for the benefit of the communities in Birmingham’s historic Jewellery Quarter. The JQDT carries out a range of activities for the benefit of all who live, work, learn within, invest in and visit the area.

These include operating the Jewellery Quarter Business Improvement District (JQBID), managing the Jewellery Quarter Townscape Heritage and overseeing the Planning Consultative Committee. 

The JQDT is run by a volunteer Board of Directors selected from the JQDT Members. Members are individuals or organisations with a demonstrable interest in the development of the Quarter. For more information see the JQDT Membership Leaflet


In 2012, a Business Improvement District (BID) was created to improve the Quarter in many ways, including providing a welcoming environment for visitors, clean and safer streets, improving marketing to increase footfall and inward investment, and improving connectivity to the city centre. The Jewellery Quarter is historically referred to as the Hockley area. However, the Jewellery Quarter Business Improvement District (JQBID) extends far beyond this. In fact it covers 300 acres, making it the largest BID area in Birmingham. In 2017, businesses voted for a second five-year term and the BID team is now delivering the initiatives and projects proposed in the JQBID proposal. Learn more about the JQBID here.


The Townscape Heritage (TH) programme is a Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) scheme to regenerate and transform conservation areas in need of investment.

In June 2015, the Jewellery Quarter Development Trust (JQDT) submitted a bid to the Heritage Lottery Fund for funding to improve, repair and bring back into use, buildings within a defined area within the Jewellery Quarter. The bid was successful, and the Heritage Lottery Fund has given permission for the JQDT to start the project. In total £1.8 million grant funding will be used to support building improvement works and heritage activity focusing on an area labelled as the ‘Industrial Middle’ which forms part of the Jewellery Quarter Conservation Area. 

The funding will allow the JQTH scheme to offer restoration grants to owners of some of the key historic properties within the TH area, to help them carry out much needed conservation repairs, restore architectural features, improve the historic streetscape and help to bring historic buildings back into use. The project aims to regenerate the area, to halt and reverse the decline of the historic townscape by creating attractive, vibrant and interesting places where in the future people will want to live, work and invest.

The JQTH, will run for three years from early 2018 until 2021.


This poem was inspired by poet Ian McMillan’s visit to the Jewellery Quarter. The Poem itself is actually engraved into the material which makes the seam that runs down the middle of the Golden Square on Warstone Lane.

Talking to Somebody about the Jewellery Quarter, by Ian McMillan

This place shines. It really shines. Put that in your poem: it shines. I’m scribbling as fast as I can,
but this place is many faceted, Like a jewel, you mean? Very clever. Don’t forget: it flippin’ shines.
It’s a kind of multi-faceted and gleaming and, yes, shining, asset. To a city that’s already full to bursting with ideas and places.
Put this in your poem: it’s been here for two hundred years. And have you mentioned The Big Peg?
Not yet but I will, I will, It was a place where jewellers with their gleaming faces?
Yes, if you like, gathered in this city… am I making myself clear? It kind of moves, this places,
it dances, it shimmies, it’s never still. Shimmers. I like that. That’s really helpful, thankyou very much.
No, shimmies, mate; it dances, this place really moves and shines. A bit like a jewel does; Thanks,
thanks… It sparkles to your touch The Jewellery Quarter: craft and art and business meet. Sublime!

– Find out more about Ian McMillan by clicking here.