JQBID Projects

Funded by local businesses, the JQBID delivers projects, events and initiatives under 6 key work streams. The work streams were set in the JQBID's winning proposal in 2017. The proposal can be downloaded here.

JQBID projects

JQ clean and attractive
1. Attractive, Clean & Vibrant

Businesses want to be located in an attractive and well-managed environment which will raise their business profile and benefit their staff, clients and visitors.

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2. Safe & Welcoming

Businesses want a safe and welcoming environment for their staff and clients and for entry points to the Jewellery Quarter to be enhanced.

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First Mile and JQBID
3. Sustainable & Green

Businesses want a Quarter that is more progressive and eco-friendly with a sustainable working environment for employees and greener spaces for visitors and investors.

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4. Marketing & Promoting the Quarter

Businesses want the Jewellery Quarter to be promoted across a range of marketing channels and to have a full calendar of events to increase overall footfall to local businesses.

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The Senator Group Networking Event-21_resized
5. Investment, Growth & Networking

Businesses want to connect with peers and be kept informed on opportunities and updates. Businesses also want to be in an area that attracts investment.

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6. Maintaining Heritage & Legacy

Businesses want to ensure that the rich heritage of the area is preserved through projects and events. Similarly, businesses want to leave their own legacy for future generations.

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