BID Levy Payer communications

The JQBID communicate regularly with its BID Levy Payers.

Monthly updates

The JQBID communicate with all BID Levy Payers through email, with a regular newsletter sent at the beginning of every month. Any important updates or business support information is also sent via email.

January 2021
27/01/21 - Business Grants Update
11/01/21 - BID Levy Payer Newsletter - January

December 2020
11/12/20 - BID Levy Payer Newsletter - December

November 2020
25/11/20 - Business Birmingham Grant Programme
16/11/20 - COVID-19 Response Plan communication
11/11/20 - BID Levy Payer Newsletter - November

October 2020
07/10/20 - BID Levy Payer Newsletter - October

September 2020
04/09/20 - BID Levy Payer Newsletter - September

August 2020
20/08/20 - Important updates from the JQBID
04/08/20 - BID Levy Payer Newsletter - August

July 2020
03/07/21 - COVID-19 update - #9

Quarterly updates

Our Quarterly updates provide BID Levy Payers with an important summary of all the JQBID and JQDT projects that are included in the 2017 JQBID renewal document. Due to COVID-19, the Spring and Summer updates for 2020 were replaced with more frequent monthly communications.


By subscribing to receiving BID Levy Payer communications, you will receive one quarterly newsletter (in print and via email) as well as our regular monthly email bulletins. The quarterly newsletter will update you on all JQBID & JQDT projects and initiatives, whereas the monthly bulletins will provide you with that regular dialogue to communicate latest news, events and updates from across the Quarter.

Latest offers and announcements

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