Chamberlain Clock Refurbishment

Restoring the iconic Chamberlain Clock.

A project funded by the JQBID and Jewellery Quarter Townscape Heritage project, the Jewellery Quarter’s iconic Chamberlain Clock was restored in 2021.

In Summer 2020, the Chamberlain Clock was removed from the Jewellery Quarter for a total refurbishment before being re-installed in Spring 2021. The restoration ensures that this beloved JQ landmark will last for many decades to come with a full repainting and fixings to the inner workings.

First unveiled in 1904, the Clock commemorates Joseph Chamberlain’s visit to South Africa following the end of the Boer War. Joseph Chamberlain is hailed for being largely responsible for the fast- paced modernisation of the city whilst Mayor of Birmingham between 1873 – 76. Many locations and landmarks in the city are dedicated to him, including the Jewellery Quarter’s Chamberlain Clock.

The refurbishment of the clock was led by the Jewellery Quarter Townscape Heritage project, funded by both the JQTH and the JQBID. The clock was removed for refurbishments and repairs in July 2020 and was re-instated in early 2021. Alongside the restoration works, a new interpretation panel has also been installed to inform visitors about the history and significance of the clock. An oral history archive collecting memories about the clock has also been coordinated by the JQTH with support from volunteers.

Learn more about this JQDT project, by visiting: https://th.jewelleryquarter.net/the-chamberlain-clock/ 

Time lapse film of the Chamberlain Clock’s removal

A video showing the Chamberlain Clock’s refurbishment process