Golden Square picnic benches JQBID

Outdoor seating for hospitality

During 2020 and 2021, the JQBID helped secure additional outdoor space for nine Jewellery Quarter venues and repurposed the Golden Square to allow for more public seating. 

Up to 60 people can now safely sit in the Jewellery Quarter’s Golden Square after 11 picnic benches were installed. The benches are free to use 24/7 and helps to increase the amount of outdoor seating in the Jewellery Quarter to help hospitality businesses close to the Square.

Venues on St Paul’s Square have also benefitted from additional furniture. Saint Paul’s House has installed eight picnic benches at the front of their venue which overlooks St Paul’s Church. Further along the square, both Saint Kitchen and Soda Bread Cafe can now offer outdoor dining through the suspension of underused parking bays; and with Coffee Tales, Damascena and 1000 Trades also benefitting from temporary pavement licences, the Jewellery Quarter now has over 30 venues where visitors can dine outside.