COVID-19: Joint Statement to Rishi Sunak

Birmingham City - BCC image

In a joint statement to Chancellor Rishi Sunak, the city’s leaders pledged to work constructively with the Government to protect jobs but warned that many businesses in Birmingham’s £13bn hospitality sector will not survive the winter without financial support.

Planned protest: affected route

COVID-19 Response phase 2

On Sunday 11th, approximately 100 vehicles will undertake a relatively slow moving procession to protest against recent decisions taken by the Indian Government in relation to farming in Punjab.

A brand-new independent supermarket is coming to the JQ!

Breaking the barriers of the ‘weekly shop’, Roots Market is set to become an instant favourite for residents and workers seeking access to locally sourced, fresh and healthy food and will add another string to the Jewellery Quarter’s ‘independent’ bow.

Opening a barbershop in lockdown

Barber Therapy - Matty Paul - Barber Therapy

Starting any new business is no easy feat, but starting one in lockdown, is a whole different ball game. We met up with Matty Paul, now proud owner of Barber Therapy – a revolutionary new barber shop situated on Spencer Street in the Jewellery Quarter.

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