St Paul’s Church Welcomes Rev Conan Chitham

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In this blog we sat down with Reverand Conan Chitham, the newly appointed Assistant Priest at St Paul’s Church, to understand more about his background and what his new role will entail. To find out more about the ongoing programme of events and services at St Paul’s Church please visit their website

Meet Reverend Conan Chitham: Assistant Priest at St Paul’s Church


  1. Congratulations on the new role! Where are you currently working and living? 

I have just become an Assistant Minister at St Paul’s Church but I am also a full-time lawyer.  I previously worked in Birmingham City Centre for 15 years at one of the city’s leading law firms but I now work as a consultant in-house lawyer for businesses across the UK and US from my home in Harborne.

  1. Are you familiar with the JQ? What are your current experiences of the area?

We are – in fact my wife, Rachel, and I got married at St Paul’s and we spent a number of years involved with the Church and the JQ community.  I’ve always had clients in the JQ and so have seen the transformation over the last few years and love its vibrant mix of residential and traditional industries alongside new business and art ventures.

  1. What will your new role as Assistant Priest entail? 

As well as regularly leading service and sharing pastoral care for our growing congregations,  I will be particularly focused on making connections with our “business” parishioners who are here during the working week. I will also be liaising with the many residents who live here and work in Birmingham’s business community both in the JQ and across the city.

  1. What are you most looking forward to in your new role?

I feel like coming back to St Paul’s and the JQ is a little like coming home  – so I am delighted to be here.  The Church itself is such a beautiful space (inside and out) and sits at the heart of the JQ community.  I hope I can help make it a place that everybody in the JQ knows well and comes to – whether for concerts & recitals, services, exhibitions, or just to sit and have a quiet moment in.

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