SIFA Fireside’s Big Brummie Night In!

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Get your #BIGBrummie on with SIFA Fireside’s Big Brummie Night In!

Leading homelessness charity, SIFA Fireside has joined forces with top Brummie businesses to launch the Big Brummie Night In for people to enjoy in their own home.

Things are working differently for so many of us this Christmas. We are aware that a lot of companies will not be able to treat their employees to a well-deserved meal or party, so why not celebrate their successes in a different way this year? While so many people are working from home and isolated from their colleagues, the BIG Brummie Night In is a perfect way to support your community whilst strengthening team spirit and staying connected by sharing photos on social media.

Pay a one-off sum to cover a year’s subscription, so you can share these resources each month with your entire staff team, perfect for fun family nights in or for the team to take part in together.

The suggested donation for corporate packages ranges from as little as £250.00 for a small organisation and up to £1,200 for larger ones. By signing up, staff will receive an exclusive resource pack each month that has been developed by a range of brilliant Brummie contributors. The Big Brummie Night In is designed to bring staff together and celebrate our wonderful city of Birmingham.

Sign your company up to SIFA Fireside’s BIG Brummie activity packs, and each month receive access to an engaging, fun-filled digital resource pack of activities, recipes and music playlists. We’ve collaborated with some of Birmingham’s finest independent businesses, organisations and brilliant Brummies to create unique resources for your team to enjoy.

Carly Jones, SIFA Fireside CEO, said:

“We recognise the contribution that businesses that can make to alleviating homelessness and are always looking for new ways to engage them in raising awareness of this important issue. This campaign builds on the success of the Big Brummie Camp Out in May which saw many businesses get involved as a way to bring their staff teams together and support their wellbeing.

We’ve worked with many independent businesses, to develop a range of monthly digital resources that include creative activities, quizzes, recipes and music. It’s a chance for employers do something fun with their staff and their families this Christmas, during a time when we can’t be together physically as much as we were before.

Homelessness is a massive issue for the city of Birmingham and sometimes it can be difficult for people to know how they can help. The Big Brummie campaign gives businesses an opportunity to show how their staff can be involved in a fun and creative way.”

Businesses can sign up now by contacting the fundraising team on 0121 766 1700 or emailing

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