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This month, Cucina Rustica will be encouraging diners to pay for their desserts by uploading a photo of their sweet course to their social channels.

Are you an avid photographer when it comes to food arriving at your table? Do you like to snap and upload your photos to give your social followers endless amounts of food envy? Well, throughout July, Cucina Rustica is encouraging you to do just that.

Diners of the favoured Italian restaurant in the bustling Jewellery Quarter will receive the opportunity to take a photo of their main meal and upload it to their social channels as a way to pay for their dessert.

This is the first time in which the restaurant has offered ‘pay by picture’ as an opportunity to receive a part of your meal completely for free.

Manager of Cucina Rustica, Afif Akhtar explained; “We’re excited to see the response from our guests whilst the ‘pay by picture’ offer is available”

“Much of our food is bright and colourful, and presentation is key to us, so it’s the perfect opportunity for guests to show off their delicious meals when they arrive at the table.”

With more and more people snapping their meals when dining out than ever before, Cucina Rustica are looking forward to seeing the organic and fresh content that will be delivered to their social channels.

“We really wanted to tap into the food photography trend and create a new reason for people to talk about and sample our delicious desserts.”

The ‘pay by picture’ offer for desserts only, will be available when dining in the restaurant from Monday 10th – Monday 31st July. In order to redeem their dessert, guests must show their waiter/waitress an uploaded image of their main course using the dedicated hashtag #TasteOfCucina.

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