Kaizen Centre on staying healthy and well during lockdown

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As England enters a second national lockdown we will be sharing advice from local businesses on how to maintain your mental and physical wellbeing. In this blog post, Darryl Canham from Kaizen Centre shares his top tips on staying healthy and positive. 

Staying fit, healthy and well during Lockdown 2!

We are a complex creature at the best of times. Now add social restrictions, moments of felt isolation, maybe the complications of sharing a city centre apartment space and even working from a home desk/kitchen table, it could all be a little too much!! The UK-wide lockdown is getting a grip on people’s physical and mental health, especially as this time, we’ve lost the sunshine!

But remember it can also bring out the very best in people and communities, so how can we make sure that given these current living conditions, it can bring out the best in YOU! Being fit and healthy with a sense of profound wellbeing is still achievable, but you’re going to have to work for it. It’s not difficult, it just takes a little effort and a plan!

So let’s talk:

  1. Intention Setting
  2. Digital Detox
  3. Positivity

Intention Setting

One of the greatest losses is ‘ROUTINE’ or at least the one we are used to. The day can appear longer when working from home, even though the commute is possibly only as far as from the bedroom to the lounge. A phrase that has always worked for me is ‘You must OWN your own time’. Under working from home conditions, you must be the boss of your own time anyway, so try to keep that going once the working day is ended.

What does this mean?

It means: Have a plan. You may have more time if you’re working from home, without the commute, often that time goes with tidying up the loose ends at the desk or pottering around at home because you have that extra time!

Whatever your health and fitness fix, schedule it in the diary, tell your partners/housemates, even better involve them if you can, write it in pen and stick to the time, no compromise. Even better try an online class, then you’re committed and not on your own! If training alone is your preferred way to train or practice, know your session/routine before you start and invest in the time to produce a Lockdown Programme designed to hit your personal goals in a matter of weeks.


Digital Detox

Switch off the Tech for a while.

We bombard ourselves with news, updates and the latest celebrity gossip. Add to that our own engagement with social media and the necessity to like, follow and validate what everyone else is doing, I’m not surprised that from time to time, it can feel all a bit too much and that our personal world is running on overdrive!

We are more than our profile and page. That social space is where we view ourselves and our life relative to every other person we know. And….. it doesn’t always make people feel good about themselves. So try switching off from it all, just for an afternoon. Genuinely spend quality time with someone (in your bubble!) or try an activity that is all about you. One that brings a sense of wellbeing and contentment to your day. Read a good book in bed for the afternoon, enjoy simply listening to calming and inspiring music, start meditation, try to find your mindful thing and practice wellbeing.



Where there’s a dark side, there is a light one. Sunshine eventually follows rain. There is a life after Lockdown, and it can be really helpful to focus on the good stuff that’s yet to happen! Yes, things may be different and we may all be having to wait for things like holidays, but it doesn’t mean that they’re not going to happen at all! We must have patience.

My point: Painting a darker picture of future circumstances is easy, the fuel to do that is all around us in the media and does it make us feel good? NO!

Planning a positive future, builds positive anticipation, even without timescales on the events. So dare to dream a little, find inspiration to paint your future bright and colourful. Then that’s another reason to get off the sofa and into the activities that further fuel your fire to have a life full of wellness, health, fitness and vitality!


Need inspiration, a plan, a great bunch of instructors and teachers working online throughout Lockdown 2 to guide you to better health and fitness? Kaizen Centre is currently running a variety of online training classes via Zoom pretty much every day. MetCon, Yoga, HIIT, Circuits, Strength & Conditioning all available!

Follow us on Instagram @kaizenperformancecentre

Check out the website www.kaizencentre.co.uk

Or give us a call 01213214141


Darryl Canham, Head Coach Kaizen Centre

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