Stay Protected with West Midlands Police Free Alert Service

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The West Midlands Police Service has launched a new tool designed to help keep you safe from crime.


WMNow is a free messaging tool that gives you the opportunity to directly receive alerts from the Police and chosen partners such as Action Fraud and Crime Stoppers. On signing up, users will be asked to choose the type of alerts they wish to receive allowing them to control the amount and focus of the information they will be receiving.

“This system has been designed so that people will know what’s happening near to their home and place of work”, comments James Ashcroft, Police Sergeant heading the Jewellery Quarter Police Team.

Once registered, members can then share the messages with family and friends. Alerts come in the form of an email direct to your inbox, or in a text depending on the nature of the alert.

“This way, we are able to warn people of crimes near them and encourage safety and precaution which will lead to the prevention of similar incidents.”

Business users will initially have to register as a private user but once their account is created, the user can then create a business on the system, which will allow their employees—who can also register—to add themselves under the cover of the business.

“This system essentially requires signups; the more people who sign up, the more powerful this tool becomes. So, get involved and get helping to make a difference in the JQ Community by working in partnership with West Midlands Police.”

Signing up to WMNow takes five minutes and can be done by clicking here. Your JQ Police team is based in The Big Peg and can be followed on Twitter @JQPoliceTeam

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