Rajdoot Tandoori Celebrates 50th Birthday

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The team behind quality Jewellery Quarter Restaurant, Rajdoot Tandoori, are gearing up to celebrate their 50th anniversary of delivering exemplary North Indian cuisine.

In half a century the doors of the Rajdoot have seen many famous faces pass through, such as: the Beatles, Keith Floyd, Simon Cowell, Jamie Oliver and even HRH Princess Margaret. All these stars have been enticed by their exotic flavours and opulent interior design; that in 2013 won Rajdoot the Best Restaurant Design award at the English Curry Awards.

Proud owner Manjit Gil remarks, “We always strive for excellence in both food and service and we’re proud to have been a top-quality and well-recognised for almost 50 years. We consider it a huge achievement to have been running for 50 years, and we look forward to many more years to come”.

Proud Owner Manjit Gil outside Rajdoot
Proud Owner Manjit Gil outside Rajdoot

Their menu boasts everything from sizzling tandooris cooked in traditional clay ovens, a plethora of sumptuous seafood options, indulgent desserts and an extensive range of vegetarian options – visitors are simply spoilt for choice! If the amount of choice is overwhelming, diners are welcome to opt for Rajdoot’s set menu options, caringly put together from their chef’s recommendations of dishes that complement each other.

With bars and restaurants closing frequently in this day and age, it is a testament to Rajdoot’s passion for dining that they have continued to excel.

Kim Loynes from the Jewellery Quarter BID comments “In an age where restaurants and bars close and change at an alarming rate, Rajdoot has continued to reach new heights of excellence in the culinary world. It is no surprise that the Rajdoot has remained a popular name in Indian cuisine, with every element of it’s being from the dishes themselves to the surrounding you eat them in, being so meticulously thought out”.

“I have no doubt that Rajdoot Tandoori will continue to be a gem within the Jewellery Quarter.”

For high calibre and authentic food in a luxurious setting, Rajdoot Tandoori has been setting the standard of excellence for 50 years and will strive to continue for the foreseeable future.

You can book your experience at Rajdoot Tandoori by clicking here

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