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Download the JQ Open Studios Map by clicking here!

From now until the 22nd July, Tina Francis will be exploring the various businesses who will open their doors in this year’s Jewellery Quarter Open Studios Trail. You can also follow the official @JQOpenStudios Twitter and join in the conversation with #JQOpenStudios. For further information about the Jewellery Quarter Festival 2016 please visit the webpage by clicking here.

22nd July – Vital Signs!

Over the last few weeks we hope you’ve learned a little more about the Jewellery Quarter and planned your trip to see us over the coming weekend, or maybe noted down places you want to bring family to in the future. There are a lot of makers, craftspeople, designers, illustrators, manufacturers, artists and much more here along with our heritage venues, social enterprises, breweries, pubs, bars and restaurants so we really hope that your visit is fantastic!

So you’ve got your map, you’ve highlighted the “must sees” so how will you know if the building you are going into is really part of Jewellery Quarter Open Studios? Balloons! Yes the balloons are back this year, look out for them around the quarter as this is where you are being invited in! This year the Jewellery Quarter Festival is taking place in two squares, St Pauls and Golden Square. There will be people handing out programmes and maps in these areas but you can also pick one up from the Open Studios too! You can find out about the Jewellery Quarter Festival programme here, there is a lot going on!

As you walk around the Jewellery Quarter this weekend take time to look up at the architecture and down at your feet because as well as wowing you with all of the makers behind the closed doors there’s a little bit more information to be gleaned from the two pavement trails which lead you to the heart of the Jewellery Quarter. The Charm Bracelet trail starts with a padlock on Newhall Hill, whilst the Findings Trail begins at Newhall Street and brings you up to Frederick Street.

We are looking forward to seeing you and inviting you in to “come see what we do”.

Don’t forget that our Open Studios map is now available for you to download. You can grab a physical copy on the day as well along with a JQ BID News

To view previous blog entries please visit the official Open Studios Trail 2016 page by clicking here. For more about JQ Festival 16 please click the banner below:


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