Memory of Touch Opens at Argentea Gallery on 21st March

An exhibition featuring new work by contemporary British photographer Colin Wilson opens at Argentea Gallery in Birmingham 21st March 2019. Memory of Touch is a body of work that focuses on still life through black and white film.

Taken in a studio setting the light can be controlled but to strip the images of even more possible background noise, the objects are placed in front of a lead ground. This means there is a uniform light on the back of the image and no light or shade to distract. What that achieves visually is the most wonderful dark void in the back of the images that enables the light on the objects to be the stars of the images. There is a modernist sensibility to this work which becomes a meditation about form and shape and volume.

Colin’s work has been shown throughout the UK and Europe, but this is his first solo exhibition in Birmingham. He explains: “I am very pleased to have my works on display at such an inspiring gallery space. Memory of Touch represents a new movement for me as a photographer, and I am looking forward to presenting the pieces to new audiences in the city.”

The exhibition will be open at Argentea Gallery from 21st March to 4th May 2019 and all pieces on display will be available to purchase.

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