Marie Haddleton passes away aged 92

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The Jewellery Quarter Development Trust are sad to announce the passing of Marie Haddleton.

Marie was born in Hockley over 90 years ago and here she was raised and worked with her father as the beat policeman for the Jewellery Quarter. Marie was a passionate Hockleyite.

At the time when the Quarter was most under threat from redevelopment, she effectively saved it. The city big wigs – councillors, senior officers would beat a path to her door; if Marie approved then it was green from go and if not …. forget it. Marie had the ear of Prince Charles and it was he who referred to her as the Queen of the Quarter. Marie was the eyes and ears of the community and a huge source of heritage and knowledge of all things about the place. If you dropped in to see her over lunch then cancel all afternoon engagements as the stories rolled out. She set up the Jewellery Quarter Association which itself went on to be the basis of us – the Jewellery Quarter Development Trust and the JQBID. Marie and her son Mark produced over 400 issues of the Hockley Flyer which was the go-to events, news and ‘gossip’ sheet for the Jewellery Quarter.

Marie Haddleton
Marie Haddleton passes away, aged 92

Andy Munro who knew Marie Haddleton for over 20 years recalls:

I first met Marie when I took over the Jewellery Quarter Regeneration initiative. As always, my first mission was to walk the area and then to meet the community and one of my first meetings was with Marie. To say that she seemed to know everybody who was anybody was an understatement and her ‘address book’ was a major help in getting a proper feel to the area.

Marie was great defender for the Quarter as a working jewellery area and whilst, like all manufacturing, there has been a substantial shrinkage, the fact that we still have an area where you can still get almost anything jewellery related is partly down to Marie.

Not only was she a champion for business needs and whilst we sometimes differed – and Marie was no wilting flower in putting forward her opinions, in doing so, she always had the best interests of the Quarter at heart.

She will be sadly missed and spare her a thought when you walk up Frederick Street past the Hockley Flyer pavement trail slab.

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