Late 17th century Isaac Perrot pocket watch to go under the hammer

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At Fellows Auctioneers, we are privileged to have an open-face pocket watch from the late 17th century by Isaac Perrot in our upcoming collection.

The watch’s outer case is made of leather with white metal piqué decoration, where tiny pins form an intricate design. This bears a striking resemblance to a watch in the collection of the Historical Museum of Basel. It features an enamelled gold watch with an outer case made of leather adorned with gold piqué. In addition, the use of white metal piqué in this example offers a unique variation on this luxurious technique.

The pocket watch will feature as Lot 310 in our Watches auction on Thursday 13th June. It has an auction estimate of £1,200 – £1,800.

About Issac Perrot:
Isaac Perrot, an illustrious name in the world of horology, was an esteemed watchmaker. His craftsmanship and ingenuity have earned him a revered place in the annals of timekeeping. Born in the late 17th century, Perrot’s exact birthdate remains shrouded in the mists of history, but his legacy is vividly etched in the fine details of his exquisite watches.

His work is characterised by meticulous craftsmanship and innovative design, distinguishing his timepieces from those of his contemporaries. Perrot’s watches often featured intricate engravings and highly polished movements, embodying both aesthetic beauty and technical precision. One of the hallmarks of Perrot’s timepieces was the use of high-quality materials, which ensured both durability and accuracy. His dedication to perfection was evident in the exceptional reliability of his watches, making them highly sought after by discerning collectors and connoisseurs of fine horology. Isaac Perrot was not only a master watchmaker but also a mentor to future generations.

Isaac Perrot worked in Switzerland from 1644 to 1693. He was known for his contributions to watchmaking in Geneva, which was a significant centre for horology at the time. The Swiss watchmaking industry was renowned for its precision and innovation. Isaac Perrot was one of the craftsmen who contributed to its development during the 17th century. His work helped lay the foundation for the high standards and reputation that Swiss watchmaking is known for today.

Steven Yambo, Watch Specialist at Fellows said:
“I have been working at Fellows for 14 years and this pocket watch is the oldest watch we have had. It is an honour to see the workmanship and fine detail first hand.”


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