Jewellery Quarter Living - residents

Engaging local JQ residents

Engaging with JQ residents to boost the local economy

The JQBID staff and Ambassadors liaise with property managers of local residential blocks to discuss ongoing issues in the area and to promote new businesses and events. The JQBID are also active members of the Jewellery Quarter Neighbourhood Association and online platforms such as NextDoor and InYourArea.

The JQBID also engages daily with residents on social media by providing information on where to shop, eat and explore.

Through 2021, the JQBID increased its engagement with the local residents by introducing door drops containing information about local businesses and introducing the Discover JQ platform.

Through 2022 and 2023 the Discover JQ app, newsletters and social media were all used to engage with residents, and door drops for the JQ Festival and Christmas Lights Switch On were arranged to make sure all residents got an invite to these events on their doorstep. In 2023 the new JQ Beer Weekend was also extremely popular with residents, who can still be seen sporting their tshirts!