JQDT COVID-19 Response Plan

The Jewellery Quarter Development Trust has released Phase 1 of its COVID-19 Response Plan: 10 projects to help revitalise the Jewellery Quarter in a post pandemic world

Phase 1

Usually a place of vibrancy and energy, the Jewellery Quarter, like other Birmingham districts, has seen a huge reduction in footfall as Government guidance has forced many businesses to close and customers to stay at home. Even though these measures are only temporary, the lifestyle changes that people are now adopting are permanent, which is why it is vital that the JQDT, which sits at the heart of the JQ’s community, acts now to ensure the Quarter’s long-term sustainability.

Phase 1 of the COVID-19 Response Plan outlines further actions that the JQDT wishes to take in the immediate term to enable its communities to safely and viably operate in a world overshadowed by COVID-19.

COVID-19 Response phase 2

Phase 2

The JQDT has many other plans and concepts in the pipeline, these have been drawn on from many sources from within the Jewellery Quarter itself. It is hoped that Phase 2 will be bigger and bolder in its concepts and thus the local public will be consulted with to get more ideas and to help hone the next phase of the Covid Response Plan. It is expected that this document will be readily available in Spring 2021, where it will build on the success of the Phase 1 plan.

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