Hideout Hangout – Support local businesses while working from home!

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Hideout Hangout, a brand new JQ based start-up, is looking to connect remote workers with local hospitality businesses.
Hideout Hangout is an online booking platform that connects remote workers, students, freelancers and creatives with the best independents and local spaces within Birmingham. Based in the Jewellery Quarter the team behind the platform are now in the development phase and hoping to work with local JQ businesses to fine-tune and improve the offering and work towards a pilot scheme in 2021.
Founder Jordan Harris said:
We’re based in JQ and have experienced first hand the changes in how we all work, moving from office-based to remote working, and the isolation that can occur working from home in apartments and small areas without social interaction. Likewise, we’ve also seen how our favourite places within JQ and throughout the city have been affected by the pandemic and the changes to our working lives and we want to help!
We thought why not connect the two together and Hideout Hangout was born! We want to bring people out of their homes and back into the best places within our city and recreate that sense of community! How are we going to do that? We know that remote working is here to stay so we want to offer the good people of our city a place to book slots and work from these great locations. This will also create an online community of businesses, remote workers and organisations such as JQBID where we can get people out in a safe way as well as help local independent businesses within our city.
If you are a local business, or remote worker, and want to find out more about this exciting new platform currently in development then contact Jordan Harris via hideouthangout@gmail.com or follow them on Instagram.

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