Introducing Lucid, Attic Brew Co.’s first Alcohol Free Pale Ale

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Birmingham based brewery, Attic Brew Co., have released their first AF pale, Lucid. With the increasing demand for low alcohol beers at social events, Attic drinkers can now skip the alcohol, but not the beer.  This release comes at an exciting time as alcohol free initiatives such as Dry January gain popularity among consumers.

“At the end of a long day, sometimes all you want to do is reach for a beer,” says Oli Hurlow, Attic co-founder. “There’s nothing as refreshing and delicious, but even as brewers, we understand that drinking alcohol doesn’t always feel appropriate. We designed Lucid as a beer to drink whenever the mood takes you, without having to worry about the consequences.”

With the goal of producing a beer that stands up to alcoholic counterparts, Lucid exhibits all of the characteristics of a beer you’d expect from Attic. A vibrant and juicy pale ale with flavours of passion fruit and lime. At 0.3% ABV, it’s still a beer, just one that can be enjoyed at any time.

Sam Fraise, Attic’s Head Brewer said, “we took the same meticulous approach we take with all of our beers. We spent more than a year looking at current research into low alcohol brewing and testing the results and we’re super happy with the finished product. By using the highest quality ingredients we have created a beer that doesn’t compromise on flavour and quality, even without the alcohol”.

Lucid is the latest addition to Attic Brew Co’s range of easy-drinking and flavourful craft beers. For the last five years, they have championed their hometown of Birmingham through the medium of beer, winning multiple awards, and opening up beer to a broad and diverse audience.  Producing an AF beer which matches the great taste of the beers their consumers already know and love was their latest challenge. Lucid is now available for all to try at their Stirchley taproom, The Barrel Store in the Jewellery Quarter, online, and at a wide range of pubs, bars and restaurants including local stockists like The Wolf and 1000 Trades.

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