Argentea Gallery Presents Tanaya Houghton – Songlines of the Here+Now

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Argentea Gallery on St Paul’s Square has announced its next exhibition.

Comprising of twenty-two images and two rooms of installation pieces, Tanya Houghton’s Songlines of the Here+Now aims to explore the past and present connections Australians hold to the ancient landscape they call home.

Shot over the course of five weeks Houghton covered a total of 10,500 km collecting scattered stories and imprinted memories strewn over the Australian landscape. By listening to the language of the landscape, Houghton gained a deeper understanding of the nation’s past, she compares and contrasts the two conflicting devotions to the landscape: the Indigenous sacred connection to the land and the modern Australians commercialisation of space through land tourism.

Her work examines the details within the everyday, unearthing the unexpected within the familiar, it is the desire to collect and compare them which motivates her work. Her current practice focuses on themes of ecology centred around the landscape and memory.

Her work has been recognised by The British Journal of Photography – Breakthrough Award, D&AD Global Next Photographer, Organ Vida Festival, Reclaim Photography Festival and Urban Photo Festival.

Jennie Anderson owner of Argentea Gallery said, “I’ve long admired Tanya’s work and am delighted to be able to exhibit Songlines of the Here and Now. While always respecting cultural sensitivities, her aim was to get a profound understanding of this cultural phenomenon. In these increasingly intolerant and sectarian times, it is vital that we aspire to a deeper inter-ethnic understanding.”

The exhibition will run from 14 September – 27 October 2018 at Argentea Gallery. To find out more visit their website.

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