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The JQBID will be attending the brand new international show Makers Central in May together with four local Jewellery Quarter makers; B18 Leather, Glenn Campbell Jewellery, Michele White Jewellery and Tina Francis Tapestry

Leading up to the event, we will shed a spotlight on all of these creative businesses. You’ll learn more about the makers, from what inspires them to what they love about the Jewellery Quarter.

Today, its the turn of Michele White.  

Michele White Jewellery

Tell us about Michele White Jewellery?

I was born in London but I have lived in Birmingham for many years. I originally trained as a potter and taught pottery for some years before becoming a teacher in charge of a unit for autistic children. During a break, bringing up my children, I began to attend an evening class making Jewellery and later became a Fellow of the Gemmological Association and also a Diamond Member.

I set up my own business in the Jewellery Quarter over 30 ago years and opened my own Gallery in 2016. (Artisan Alchemy)

My overriding philosophy is that the jewellery I create is both art and craft. I use unusual gemstones and work in both silver and gold. I always know when I have found a really good gemstone because my mouth begins to water, just like a child looking into the window of a sweetshop, and this is where the design for a new piece of jewellery starts to develop. Each piece is built around its own gem or mineral, which is why each design is so different from the next. And although the styles may look different there are many similarities. Most pieces have layers which are riveted together. Silver pieces have highlights of gold which may be matt or highly polished, or diamonds may sparkle out to mimic the sparkle of the gemstone.

Why did you decide on your chosen profession? 

It was completely by chance but once I had found it I knew it was the right career for me.

Have you got any advice for aspiring maker/designers? 

Follow your passion and work hard

Who or what is your most influential creative inspiration? 

Rene Lalique

What do you enjoy about working in the JQ? 

The honesty, friendship and camaraderie

Finally, tea or coffee? Which one keeps you going? 

Coffee till 11am and then tea

To find out more about Michele White Jewellery visit her website.

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