JQBID Instagram

Social Media

The JQBID’s growing social media presence is invaluable to destination marketing and stakeholder engagement.

The JQBID manages 4 social media channels, some with multiple accounts, all with slightly different audiences. Statistics are true as of November 2023


@jq_bid – 6.1k followers
@jewelleryqyarter – 11.9k followers

Instagram forms a very important part of the JQBID’s destination marketing strategy. With weekly posts, reels and daily stories, engagement on this channel is incredibly high. Both of these Instagram accounts are growing rapidly and the intorduction of video content has increased their reach and growth.


@JewelleryQtr – 5.9k followers
@BirminghamJewelleryQuarter – 11k followers

Facebook provides a platform to develop community. The JQBID uses Facebook for targetted social media advertising. Facebook is also an invaluable communication tool for answering public queries with daily messages from the general public about where to eat and where to shop. We also moderate the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter Community group which has 7.6k members.


@jqbid – 6.8k followers
@BirminghamJQ – 103k followers

Although Twitter/X is a less dynamic channel than it was a few years ago, it’s still an important way to communicate quick updates and share stories from other JQ businesses, expanding their reach.

LinkedIn – 1k followers
To engage with businesses and stakeholders, LinkedIn is updated with the latest  JQBID news.