Welcome to the Jewellery Quarter’s very own neighbourhood plan!


Neighbourhood Plans give you the opportunity to help shape the future of the community you live and work in. We are working hard to develop a Plan that helps to protect the future of the Jewellery Quarter and we want you to GET INVOLVED and tell us if we are on the right lines.

Following initial conversations with members of the community a first draft of the Plan is underway, and we want to share our thoughts with the YOU to see what you think before it is submitted to the Council where it will hopefully be adopted into planning policy following a public referendum.

In November 2016 we hosted a series of drop-in sessions, where JQ residents could come and talk to the volunteers who are drafting the Plan and feedback. If you missed these sessions you can download the materials used at our drop-in sessions. Click here to find:

  • The JQ Plan Key Map (large and small versions)
  • A copy of the JQ Plan information booklet which outlines the key goals (large and small versions)
  • Our Frequently Asked Questions document

If you picked up a hard copy feedback form at one of our events it can be sent back to our Freepost address – Freepost JQ PLAN FEEDBACK

If you need any further information please contact the JQ Plan team jqneighbourhoodplan@gmail.com

Twitter: @JQPlan
Instagram: @JQPlan
Facebook: JQ Neighbourhood Plan


Background to the Jewellery Quarter Neighbourhood Plan

On Thursday 1st May 2014, Birmingham City Council designated the Jewellery Quarter a Neighbourhood Planning Area and the “Jewellery Quarter Development Trust Neighbourhood Planning Forum” was formed.

The forum is made up of local businesses and residents who, for the most part, have been volunteering their time and energy since early 2013 to gather evidence to start to formulating the policies needed to write a Neighbourhood Plan for the Jewellery Quarter.

Links to more information

  • Click here for the Nodes Design Brief
  • Click here to read more about the membership and constitution of the Neighbourhood Plan forum and to see the officially designated Neighbourhood Plan area.
  • Click here for the evidence section that will be populated with research that will feed into the Plan as it develops.
  • For more information on Neighbourhood Planning download this briefing note compiled by Planning Aid.


Jewellery Quarter Design Brief – Open Call


The Jewellery Quarter Neighbourhood Plan team have launched an open call to designers, architects and residents of the Jewellery Quarter to produce aspirational visions of what the Jewellery Quarter could look like in the medium to long-term.

These images will complement the policies contained in the JQ Plan and provide a clear vision that can be taken forward through the life-time of the Neighbourhood Plan.

The brief around the idea of ‘nodes of activity’ across the Jewellery Quarter. These will be attractive places that are strategically positioned to draw visitors through the Jewellery Quarter, can be enjoyed by the community and make people proud to live and work here. They will be individual in their design but should have reference to the heritage of the Jewellery Quarter.

For more information please download the Design Brief.


Click the links below for more information and to download relevant files:

Jewellery Quarter Survey 26 Black Swan
This was a report commissioned by Birmingham City Council into the employment make-up of the JQ and the uses and conditions of buildings. This will form part of the evidence-base for the neighbourhood plan.

Salient Points from Black Swan Report
This is a summary of the Black Swan report by one of the forum members.

Unlocking Industrial Middle
This is a report by the Prince’s Foundation into regeneration in the JQ, based on a workshop held with the JQDT and local stakeholders.

JQ Live Work Report
A report commissioned by Birmingham City Council for consideration as part of the evidence base for the plan.

JQNF NP Masterplan Brainstorm 13th Aug 2013 FINAL
This is a summary of the brainstorming session by residents’ body Jewellery Quarter Neighbourhood Forum, part of the JQDT. Under each heading of ‘connection & movement’, ‘heritage’, ‘sustainability’, ‘people’, ‘my space’, ‘our space’ and ‘our place in the city’ people tagged a map of the JQ with a comment, idea or thought.

JQNF NP Brainstorm 13th August 2013 original part 1 & part 2
This is the original document that was produced in the brainstorming session.

JQ Localities
Taken from the Conservation Area Management Plan, these are the sub-areas of the Jewellery Quarter defined by type and style of building.

JQ Historic Conservation
This shows the Conservation Area boundaries and the locations of the JQ’s many listed buildings.

Jewellery Retail, Designer-Makers and Related Trades as of 2010
These are the findings of a 2010 survey by Birmingham City Council showing where the jewellery industry is located.


JQDT Neighbourhood Planning Forum Constitution
The government sets down rules for neighbourhood planning and this is our version of those rules, lodged with Birmingham City Council. They can be updated as we go through the process if voted through by the forum, but they must always comply with the government’s rules which include having at least 21 members including one local business, one local resident and one elected member.

JQDT NPF Original Member List
This is the decision-making body made from local volunteers. The membership can be varied at suitable points, but anyone can get involved in helping to prepare the JQ plan.

Amended Boundary for JQDTNPF
This closely resembles the plan lodged with the city council, but after public consultation was amended by the council to include the Crimean Gardens on Sandpits/Summer Hill Terrace. The forum wholeheartedly endorses this change.