Santa’s little helpers ensure Christmas hampers are delivered

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The JQDT would like to say a big thank you to everyone who helped and donated towards this year’s Christmas hamper appeal.

Santa, aka Stephen Whittaker, and his little helpers were on hand to help load 160 boxes into the van to be delivered to the Ladywood Ward Community Centre.

(l-r): Stephen Whittaker, managing director of Fellows (Santa); a representative from U Need Us; Luke Crane, JQ BID manager; David Mahony, chair of the JQDT; Mike Mounfield, executive director at JQDT; and Jason Mucklow, from Fellows (Rudolph)

Special thanks need to be said to all the companies and individuals that donated to this important cause:

Louise Ludlam, Quarter Jewellery, Komputer Solutions, St Paul’s Gallery, Henrick’s Jewellers, PCPT Architects, BPN Architects, E.C. Williams Ltd, Panache Jewellery, Crystalink Jewellery, Wisdom Factory CIC, Geoff Whitefield, Monteith Scott, Star Digital, David Doyle, Simon Rainer, Barques PR, Birmingham Assay Office, Charles Green, DWJ Birmingham Ltd, Tiffany’s Diamonds, Hockley Mint, Fleet Street Group, MCD, Maguire Jackson, CIC, F. Meeks & Co, Jackie Adams, The Liquid Group, LG Properties, TH March, Adrian Hailwood, NAG, Toye, Kenning & Spencer, Ben Griffiths, Jack Cunningham, Suttons Tools, Emma Checkley, Eamon Gaughan, Qucie Green, the Jewellery Industry Innovation Centre, and TESCO.





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