Assay Office marks bricks for charity

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Birmingham’s iconic Assay Office celebrated its 240 year history by laying down special feature bricks at the new buildings construction site. The blocks bear the hallmarking symbols used in the office’s lifetime such as a lion, a crown, an orb and Pallas Athene, as well as the classic Birmingham anchor.

The unique feature will also give credit to the Assay Office’s long-standing customers and partners. A brick celebrating its founder and leading entrepreneur during the industrial revolution, Matthew Boulton will take prime position beside the new front door.

Local firms such as Toye, Kenning and Spencer and Thomas Fattorini as well as national specialists such as the British Jewellers’ Association have raised £12,000 by sponsoring bricks. The money will be split between Birmingham Children’s Hospital and the Jeweller and Giftware Benevolent Society Fund.

The new building is expected to open in July 2015 following a phased move from Newhall Street to avoid disruption in service. The structure has altered the skyline of Icknield Street and the blue brick exterior is almost complete.

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