Adopt a Station

In May 2019, we became the first Business Improvement District in the UK to adopt our local station.

Adopting the Jewellery Quarter Station

The Jewellery Quarter station first opened its doors nearly 25 years ago with the introduction of the new Jewellery Line. Since its opening, the station has become the gateway to the Jewellery Quarter, welcoming visitors to explore the historical museums, browse the independent shops and drink and eat in the many bars and restaurants.

Adopting the station enables the JQBID to become closely involved with this historic station and our aim is to develop a characterful community hub for those who work, live or visit the Quarter.

The video, produced by West Midlands Railway, demonstrates the impact of Community Rail and shines a spotlight on the exciting projects at the Jewellery Quarter station.

Planting projects

Adopt a Station - planting projects - JQ

Working with our lead adopter, Gaynor Steele, we are creating a community garden within the Jewellery Quarter station.

Projects so far have included the installation of 4 large planters outside the main entrance to the station, as well as an edible garden alongside Platform 1. The edible garden includes fruits, vegetables and herbs and is free for passers-by to pick at their leisure.

We are constantly on the look out for volunteers to help us with the continual planting and watering. If you would like to get involved in the planting projects, email the team at

Heritage projects

Our exciting plans for the station also include various projects to celebrate the Quarter's incredible history and heritage.

Earlier in the year we erected an exhibition in partnership with the Jewellery Quarter Townscape Heritage Project. The exhibition titled ‘The People’s Archive’ displayed members of the Jewellery Quarter's working community, with a portrait photograph and link to listen to their oral history.

Other projects that are planned include art murals and vinyl displays throughout the station.

Adopt a station - heritage projects - JQ

Friends of the Jewellery Quarter Station

Launching in just May 2019, the Friends of the Jewellery Quarter Station group is in it's infancy. Led by the JQBID, in partnership with West Midlands Railway, the group's main adopter is award winning garden designer, Gaynor Steele.

We also have a growing number of supporters and sponsors from across the Jewellery Quarter Community.

If you would like to join our group please email

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