Scream if You Want to go Faster!

Jewellery Quarter residents have always known how to have fun. And what could be better than belting down Newhall Hill in a Russian themed rollercoaster?

Okay so it’s hardly Alton Towers, but here on everyday Graham Street there was once a rollercoaster ride known to all as the Russian Mountains. The attraction stood in the early 19th Century and made use of the excellent slope of Newhall Hill. Sadly the fun ended with the digging of the George Street sandpit. On the site now stands a much more sedate car park.

Riders sat in two-seat carts which were fitted with small wheels. These were then pushed off down the slope where they whizzed around a wooden track. A winch was used to pull the carts back up the hill and whoosh, they were off again. The name Russian Mountains comes from Russian winter sled rides, which would zoom down specially created mounds of ice.