Brave New World

And here we are, bang up to date with communication, 21st Century style. We’ve seen canals, roads, railways and this is digital Jewellery Quarter, exploding right before our eyes.

Whilst the Jewellery Quarter will forever be known for its various metalworking trades, a new kind of industry is making its mark on the area. Digital technologies have exploded in recent years and have enabled people to communicate in ways never before imagined. The Jewellery Quarter is at the forefront of this revolution providing a home to many of the city’s 5800 digital and creative businesses.

It’s from these beautiful and historic workshops that this dynamic new creative sector forges ahead, delivering apps, web design, gaming, and advertising. The eclectic nature of the Jewellery Quarter means that many businesses share skills and opportunities, making for a healthy atmosphere of collaboration and support. Clearly inspired by the area’s past glories, the new digital workers continue to reinvent and redefine these time old streets. Once more does the Jewellery Quarter speak loudly to the world.