Birmingham's Tallest

The BT Tower is undoubtedly an icon of Birmingham’s skyline and definitely its tallest structure. But did you know it's home to a pair of very special residents?

Here in the Jewellery Quarter you will find Birmingham’s tallest structure. In fact you can hardly miss it. The BT Tower looms over the area and measures in at an impressive 152 metres. It opened for business in December 1966 and has been the heart of the region’s telecommunications network ever since.

The structure consists of a central concrete core, which is punctuated with staircases. In fact, this core is so strong it can withstand the blast from a one-megaton bomb. At the top of the tower are five circular galleries which house the tech.

Nuclear bombs aside, the BT Tower has been designed to withstand tough weather conditions. Not only is it regularly struck by lightning, it is also copes with strong winds, using a funnel at each corner to offset wind force.

And if you’re very lucky you’ll get to see the Peregrine Falcons which have been calling the tower home since 2010.