Small Business Saturday (Blog 3)

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Join us on Saturday 3rd December for Small Business Saturday (SBS), a national day to celebrate the millions of small and micro-businesses who contribute to our economy. From now until the big day, local Micro-business owner and the JQBID’s official SBS Ambassador, Tina Francis, will be keeping you up to date with a running blog. For more information about Small Business Saturday please click here

02/11/2016 – Feeding the crowds

There are a great number of small businesses in the Jewellery Quarter that have nothing to do with the metal and gem trade but are still important cogs in the production of the goods. We are talking of course about the cafes, bars and restaurants that provide the cups of tea and the like that keeps the manufacturing going!

We have so many places to eat and drink in the Jewellery Quarter that this blog may turn into one long list! Suffice to say they are all small businesses, independent and serve great food and drink , a full list can be found in the JQ Directory.

If visiting the Small Business Saturday Bus in Golden Square on 8th November, is the first time you have been here for a while then you will notice that there are quite a few more bars and restaurants than there used to be.

After speaking to the Small Business Saturday team on the bus you will have a large choice of places to get a cuppa or something stronger. On the square itself you will find Lunchi (great sandwich choices) and Urban Coffee (great coffee and cake), along Warstone Lane Niche Café (good breakfast) and Coffee Tales (comfy sofas). Café Uno on Spencer Street has a great garden, Vees Deli on Vyse Street searches out local producers, Hylton Street Café (another great breakfast) and Fredericks and JQ Coffee Café on Frederick Street all help to keep the Jewellery Quarter working throughout the day. But there are two squares in the Jewellery Quarter and St Pauls Square also has its fair share of cafes too! Caroline Street (now tree lined) is home to 8 Foot Grocer, Deli Heaven and CC’s café and St Pauls Square itself has Saints Café and Soda Bread Café – there’s something for everyone for sure. So many small businesses and only one dinner hour a day!

There are some great pubs and bars that are open for lunch and evening meals, Warstone Lane is home to the Red Lion (Observer Sunday Roast runner-up), The Brown Lion (under new management) and The Rose Villa Tavern (the best stained glass around). Frederick Street is home to Ana Rocha (tapas with a twist), The Button Factory (great balcony) and 1000 Trades (street food residencies). The Drop Forge just off Vyse Street is super stylish and Pig and Tail on Albion Street has been restored beautifully. St Pauls Square also has 40 St Pauls (gintastic), Saint Pauls House (relaxed elegance) and The Rectory (great vista). The Lord Clifden, The Church and Fleet Street Kitchen take care of the Jewellery Quarter borders.

We have many more small business restaurants here too, in fact, JQBID produces a food map each year so that you can navigate around them all! Speak to the JQBID team on 8th November when they will be hosting the Small Business Saturday Bus and answering all your questions about small businesses in the Quarter.

For further information about how to get involved please contact Tina Francis

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