People, Pens and Production in Birmingham’s Steel Pen Trade

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This month the Pen Museum in Frederick Street hosted the launch of People, Pens and Production in Birmingham’s Steel Pen Trade – a book edited by one of its founder members Brian Jones MBE.

The book is the first comprehensive study of the Birmingham pen trade covering the humble beginnings of the industry in 1822 right through to the dynamic action of entrepreneurs and workers which saw the rapid expansion of the Birmingham steel pen trade to world status.

Through 358 pages with illustrations, this graphic account traces this intriguing story and the dramatic reduction of the trade accelerated by the invention of the Biro in 1938.

Editor: Brian Jones MA MBE

Publisher: Brewin Books

RRP: £14.95

ISBN: 978-1-85858-494-2

The book is avaiable from the museum

All proceeds go towards supporting the museum.

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