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From now until the 22nd July, Tina Francis will be exploring the various businesses who will open their doors in this year’s Jewellery Quarter Open Studios Trail. You can also follow the official @JQOpenStudios Twitter and join in the conversation with #JQOpenStudios. For further information about the Jewellery Quarter Festival 2016 please visit the webpage by clicking here.

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16th June – City of Makers

Skills of the trade are something that we are really proud of here in the Jewellery Quarter, there’s always something new to learn and people to learn from. Having a studio or workshop here means that we are surrounded by people who know not just how to do things but how to do things better.  Spending time learning “How” is something that Frilly Industries do really well.

Frilly Industries is run by Adrienne Frances and Kirsty Hillier and over the past few years, whilst maintaining their participatory arts practice, they have also revelled in learning new skills such as operating their own laser cutter, learning lampwork and constantly doing and making and exploring. Their range of laser cut jewellery includes, brooches, pendants and medals (which is one of the trades we are most famous for here in the Jewellery Quarter). This studio and workshop is a great place to visit if you are thinking about starting your own business as Frilly are heavily involved in Birmingham Etsy and regularly exhibit their work at craft markets around the country, so a little bit of advice could be thrown in too!

Another maker in the Quarter who can be found at Moseley Market and the like is Deborette from B18 Leather. B18 leather is all about texture and pattern, using high quality leather from UK merchants Deborette creates bags and purses with simple lines and lets the texture do the talking.  Always learning and inventing her new experiment has seen Deborette painting the leather and learning how to use the results in her designs, bringing together fine art and making in one product. This year Deborette will be exhibiting her work at 13 Pitsford Street just across the courtyard from Centrepiece (see our previous blog).

Whilst Jewellery Quarter Open Studios is a great way to see the work of makers throughout the year many of us can be found at the various Craft markets, Trade and Retails shows that happen across the country so if you cannot wait to see the work of the makers in this blog then why not pop on down to City of Colours in Digbeth this Saturday where you will be able make to make a mini gorilla with Frilly Industries or help to create a huge one – believe us it’s big! Also see B18 Leathers creations in the Art Market in the Market Hall.

We will be going to the School of Jewellery in our next blog they are quite busy at the moment with an exhibition of their own as it is the end of year show, open until 17th June and part of the Inspired Festival do try and come over as and see the next generation of jewellers.

To view previous blog entries please visit the official Open Studios Trail 2016 page by clicking here. For more about JQ Festival 16 please click the banner below:


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