Jewellery Quarter Birmingham

Welcoming foreign delegations

Hosting oversees visitors to promote the Jewellery Quarter internationally

Over the past few years, we have developed a strong working relationship with our partners, including the West Midlands Growth Company and West Midlands Combined Authority. As part of this work, we have hosted several international visitors and trade delegations in the Jewellery Quarter, introducing both UK and international business owners to the wide range of expertise, innovation and talent available in the area.

Commonwealth Games 2022

Working with WM Growth Company and Visit Birmingham, the jewellery quarter welcomed travel trade and press delegations from across the World including Canada and India during the run up to and throughout the commonwealth games, to help put Birmingham on the world stage.

UK DiT 2019

In partnership with the UK Department for Internal Trade, in 2019, we welcomed delegates from all corners of the globe to the Jewellery Quarter, including Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Italy, Poland, Spain, Sweden and the USA. With an itinerary put together by the JQBID, the day included site visits to The Assay Office, The Birmingham School of Jewellery and Weston Beamor.

Poland visit 2019

Also in 2019, the JQBID hosted a number of Polish delegates who were using the Jewellery Quarter as an example to help develop areas in Poland. The delegates were particularly interested in the Jewellery Quarter’s development and how the Quarter has successfully kept its heritage whist moving with the times.

Cricket World Cup – India 2019

In preparation for the Cricket World Cup 2019, hosted by England and Wales, ESPN India filmed segments in UK cities to stream alongside the games to millions of cricket fans in India. These short videos featured local Indian connections and quirky facts. The JQBID were approached by Visit Britain to develop a script for Birmingham centred on the Jewellery Quarter and “the city of 1000 trades”.