Clean Team

The JQBID Clean Team make the Jewellery Quarter a cleaner and safer place to work, live and visit.

Working 6 days a week, the JQBID Clean Team cover the full area of the Jewellery Quarter. In addition to general litter picking, the team now supports the work of Birmingham City Council (BCC) by removing needles, graffiti and stickers when these are smaller in quantity or in a dangerous area frequented by the public. Larger items of fly tipping are regularly reported to Birmingham City Council for removal, but when the items or bags can be easily carried away by the Clean Team they are often disposed of the same day.

Working closely with colleagues at BCC, the Clean Team have successfully installed additional bins in high litter areas across the Jewellery Quarter and have arranged for jet washing at various locations, including the Livery Street bridge to remove pigeon guano.

The Clean Team also works closely with the JQBID Ambassadors by reporting ongoing issues such as potholes, broken lamp columns, trip hazards etc. Issues are documented internally and then formally reported to Birmingham City Council. The JQBID follow up on all issues on a regular basis, inspecting sites where issues were reported, ensuring they have been resolved.

In 2022, the Clean Team introduced a new cleaning machine, the Glutton. Read more in the press release, or watch the video with Birmingham TV.


Report an issue

You can report an issue outside your business or venue by emailing cleanteam@jqdt.org or by simply sending a DM to the JQBID team on social media.