Attractive, Clean & Vibrant

Our objective: To secure a high quality well-maintained street scene, that is clean, tidy, attractive and vibrant.

Clean Team

The JQBID Clean Team make the Jewellery Quarter a cleaner and safer place to work, live and visit. Working 5 days a week, the JQBID ...
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Annual floral displays

Brightening the area with floral displays paid for by the BID. Working with both private contractors and Birmingham City Council, the JQBID organise annual floral ...
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Christmas Lights & Tree

Over 110 bespoke Christmas lights, two 30-foot trees and a 3m tall diamond ring are all part of the illuminations turned on every season in ...
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Jewellery Quarter Working - volunteering

Community Litter Picks

Over the last few years, the JQBID has facilitated numerous public community litter picks. Popular amongst both residents and businesses, the community litter picks facilitated ...
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