JQ agency Big Cat up for Birmingham Post Business Awards

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Local Jewellery Quarter marketing agency, Big Cat, has been nominated for “Partnership of the Year” at the Birmingham Post Business Awards. They will be extending their nominated collaborative project with the University of Birmingham which is investigating the use of figurative messaging in advertising campaigns.

The six-month partnership has so far seen the use of the very latest academic research techniques, such as eye tracking technology, to develop compelling and effective campaigns with some of Big Cat’s leading clients. Conducted by Professor Jeannette Littlemore, Dr Paula Perez-Sobrino, Dr David Houghton and Samantha Ford BA (Hons), the research focused on how information is presented to viewers and how they respond to it. It allowed Big Cat to determine where the most attention should be focused, which in turn allowed them to tailor the campaign messaging and delivery to be more effective with the desired audiences.

Hannah Davies, Big Cat Managing Director said, “We’re delighted to be continuing the partnership with the University of Birmingham. The research is presenting a number of opportunities for our clients, ranging from market research to user experience. Investment in technology to gain a better understanding of the varied ways in which consumers engage with messaging will shape future of our industry, so we are incredibly proud to be at the forefront of such a forward-thinking partnership. We’re extremely proud to have been nominated for this award. The Birmingham Post Business Awards is an important date on the city’s business calendar so it’s an honour to be part of it. It’s encouraging to be recognised for the work we’re doing with The University of Birmingham as we genuinely believe collaborations of this kind, where the academic and commercial worlds come together, can only positively impact our industry moving forward.”

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