Guest Blog: Vegetarian Week

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To highlight National Vegetarian Week (14 – 20 May) Dominika Piasecka from The Vegan Society considers why it is worth taking the next step to veganism and recommends vegetarian / vegan dining options in the Jewellery Quarter. 

Taking the next step to becoming vegan

Many people choose to go vegetarian because they want to avoid contributing to animal suffering, which is a commendable motivation. However, consuming and using any products made of or produced by animals still contributes to their exploitation.

Vegetarianism is often used as a stepping stone to veganism but it should not be the end point for anyone who really cares about animals. I was vegetarian for two whole years before committing to veganism because I didn’t realise how inherently cruel the dairy and egg industries are, too.

At its core, veganism rejects the idea of animals being treated as food or commodities. Most people already hold vegan values in their hearts; none of us wants to contribute to animal suffering and ideally, we would all like to live in a world free from violence. If there was a way to live a happy, healthy life without contributing to the suffering of others, why wouldn’t all of us choose it?

Of course, there is a wide range of reasons and obstacles people face on their vegan journey, and often the vegans themselves used to make the same excuses before they changed their lifestyle. It may be difficult to see the neatly packaged piece of meat as the sentient living being it once was but there’s a much deeper story behind it than simply buying some food.

Luckily, the Jewellery Quarter is full of vegan-friendly places. Many restaurants and pubs in Jewellery Quarter – including The Blue Nile, The Pig & Tail, The Lord Clifden and The Wolf – feature vegan options on their menus. All beer sold at Rock & Roll Brewhouse is vegan and is probably the most affordable pint you’ll find.

Just a few minutes’ walk away, in Hockley, we have the Veggie Chippy with their colourful menu featuring vegan fish, tandoori chicken alternative, pizza with plant-based cheese and more.

With so many great vegan options in our area, there’s really no excuse to turn Vegetarian Week into Vegan Week – take The Vegan Society’s 30 Day Vegan Pledge today at

The Vegan Society’s head office is located in the Jewellery Quarter. 


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