Guest Blog: Celebrate Vegan Month this November

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Throughout the month of November the Vegan Society are celebrating Vegan Month starting with World Vegan Day. Get involved with local activities in your area throughout the month, or download the VeGuide app for inspiration. The National Vegan Society headquarters are located in the Jewellery Quarter. 

How to start your vegan journey this World Vegan Day

People from all walks of life and backgrounds are going vegan now – it is no longer portrayed as an unusual choice, it’s easy and accessible. But veganism isn’t actually a new thing, despite many people believing it’s a relatively new way of living.

The Vegan Society first began as an offshoot of The Vegetarian Society in November 1944 and we began celebrating the founding of The Vegan Society in 1994 and every year since, the 1st November was marked as World Vegan Day, with its significance growing to be internationally recognised.

People around the world choose to mark World Vegan Month in an array of different ways. You could host a vegan lunch at work or a vegan dinner party with friends; commit to taking part in vegan outreach in your local community; share your favourite vegan recipes on social media; or even challenge your friends, family or work colleagues to give a go by downloading our VeGuide app.

If you’ve been thinking about transitioning to a vegan lifestyle but you’re not quite sure where to start, simply download the app to follow our easy, 30-day programme. VeGuide is an introduction to a vegan lifestyle through a combination of interactive content with shopping, nutrition and recipe information, tailored for a UK audience.

It helps users deal with issues such as giving up cheese or struggling to find vegan products by covering the basics of transitioning to a vegan lifestyle over 30 days.

With 95% of people aged 16-34 owning a smartphone in 2018 in the UK, it is hoped the app will appeal to the younger tech-savvy audience. This demographic are more likely to go vegan, according to research. Budding vegans will be encouraged to stay on track with facts and motivational quotes, specifically tailored to the reasons why they said wanted to go vegan.

However you choose to mark World Vegan Month, be sure to share it far and wide using the #WorldVeganMonth and #WorldVeganDay hashtags on social media and tag us on Facebook and Twitter using the handle @TheVeganSociety. We would love to see what you get up to!

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