Speaking With Confidence Masterclass For Business Owner

Speaking and presenting are essential and valuable skills to have in life and business.

How do you feel about speaking – whether it’s one-to-one, such as in an interview or sales meeting; or one-to-many, such as doing your 60-second introduction (elevator pitch) at a business networking event?

If you’re like most people, you may very well feel dread at the very thought of standing up in front of a room of mostly strangers or even known peers. Perhaps even speaking to a total stranger – such as in an interview or a sales meeting – fills you with a feeling of anxiousness.

This is all very normal. However, you could become one of the few people who have learned to enjoy, even relish, speaking in public and presenting to both individuals and groups. And I can help and guide you on this path.


In my masterclass, I will reveal to you the techniques and tricks I have learned and gleaned from some of the world’s most proficient and accomplished speakers. I will teach you how to:

  • Quickly and easily put yourself at ease before stepping into a speaking or presenting situation;
  • How to turn your nervous energy into a power house that will empower you to present with even greater impact;
  • How to prepare and structure your notes to allow your thoughts to flow smoothly throughout your presentation;
  • A simple technique to use to help you regain your flow, in case you forget your words or lose your track of thought;
  • How to use pausing to create anticipation and keep your audience’s attention;
  • How to use your speaking space (when front of room or on stage) to greatest effect;
  • How to finish on a crescendo that will have your audience wanting more.


For more information, visit the event page. 


Feb 29 2020


10:00 am - 1:30 pm


The Pen Museum
Frederick Street, Birmingham

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