Powerful Coaching Competencies for Project Managers

‘Applying Soft Skills for Hard Outcomes’

Powerful Coaching Competencies for Project Managers

Very often in the manic world of project management, the focus is on the hard tangible outcomes, the deliverables that each project demands. Whilst this is important, there is an equal if not more important component that often gets ignored, that of the journey the people take in the change process.

Come and join Nigel Smith on an entertaining, interactive and fun workshop where he proposes that the ‘P’ of Project Management should stand for People and how using effective coaching competencies, such as Listening, Communication and Goal Setting, we can all learn how to empower individuals (and ourselves!) to take both responsibility and action.

Nigel will outline his personal story into the oft complex world of project management, before outlining where Coaching sits on the intervention spectrum along with Mentoring and Consulting.

You’ll learn where true Learning is experienced, why Listening is vitally important in gaining respect and rapport, how letting people work out their own solutions is a powerful motivator to empowerment, what the different communication styles are in the workplace, how to spot them and deal with them. You’ll also be introduced to a simple method to allow you to take forward your own goal or outcome that you want to work on.

Event schedule

5:45 pm Venue open, refreshments

6:30-7:45 pm Introduction, Presentation & Interactive Sessions

7:45- 8:00 pm Q&A Session and wrap up

8:00 pm Close

In addition to the presentation there will also be an opportunity for networking.


For more information, visit the event page. 


Nov 14 2019


5:45 pm - 8:00 pm


McIntyre House
2 Holland Street, B3 1OW

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