International Synergies Ltd

The Birmingham and Solihull Industrial Symbiosis Project, or BASIS, aims to create a diverse network of businesses across the Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP), with the aim of supporting their transition to become more resource efficient and cost-effective businesses. The project is funded through the European Union’s ESIF framework and is led by Birmingham City Council. The BASIS sustainability programme aims to assist SME’s to make better use of spare resources. Our role is to facilitate discussions between different organisations and identify opportunities where materials and resources that are not fully utilised by one company could be utilised by another company either in the same condition or reprocessed for a different use. The programme provides you with 12 hours of FREE consultancy, to identify substantial cost savings, generate sales from new markets and contribute towards creating an environmentally sustainable local economy.

Unit 5, Newhall Place, 16-17 Newhall Hill, Birmingham, B1 3JH
0121 433 2660