Big Cat Agency Launch Behavioural Science Based Communications Workshop

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Big Cat agency has invested in behavioural science training for staff, offering deeper insight into customer decision-making, and are now offering a bespoke workshop for local brands and businesses on the techniques and lessons learned.

One of the Midlands’ longest-standing creative marketing agencies, Big Cat, has invested in a new commitment to behavioural science. The agency will call upon behavioural theories to help brands grow by better understanding their customers and supercharging the effectiveness of their creative communications.

Founded in 2000 by Anthony Tattum, the recently rebranded, integrated Big Cat has partnered with behavioural science practitioner and author of “The Choice Factory”, Richard Shotton, to upskill the agency’s team in creatively applying human insights and behavioural science to their clients’ communications.

For those who are new to the concept of behavioural science, the subject is all about looking deeper into human behaviour to better understand how and why people make decisions. It has defined a number of concepts, frameworks and theories which Big Cat are now applying to businesses’ marketing to help brand engagement.

In order to integrate behavioural science throughout the agency, Richard Shotton has created a staff training programme for Big Cat on behavioural science, adapted a unique framework for brand application and helped develop an exclusive client workshop. This behavioural science workshop determines how brands can encourage behaviour change with their target audience and be far more effective in their marketing efforts to gain a greater return on investment.

Aaron Wells, Big Cat’s Marketing Director, suggests:

“Behavioural science and its applications have seen wide-spread growth among the private and public sectors across the last 18 months, pushed to the forefront by pioneers like our partner, Richard Shotton. However, there remains a gap in the market, notably in Birmingham, as to the implementations of behavioural science for consumer needs. Our teams are fully-trained to deliver behavioural science workshops and roll-out processes to help educate businesses and brands on the applications of human insight to create effective and impactful creative campaigns.”

The workshop offers a free, 60-minute session introducing the concept of behavioural science and attempting to unearth businesses’ primary organisational challenge, revealing the decisions behind why a target audience chooses to engage or disengage with a brand. Big Cat then apply behavioural science to help find solutions to these business problems.

Anthony Tattum, Founder & CEO of Big Cat, comments:

“The impact of last year has hit Big Cat and other Birmingham-based businesses hard but it provided an opportunity for my team and I to invest more time and resources into perfecting our behavioural science approach to, not only our own business, but the businesses we represent. We want to give back to our community and to organisations who share the same ambitions and values that we do. We are excited to help the Midlands come back stronger than ever.”

The behavioural science workshop can be applied to strategy, creative, branding, PR, social media and digital / direct-to-consumer channels. Big Cat is on a mission to help brands get to the humanity behind the business problem and ultimately improve marketing effectiveness. Visit their website to find out more and get in touch.

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